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What It Means to Have Low Iron

woman with headache sad sitting on couch

Iron deficiency is a common health issue that can have subtle yet significant effects on your overall well-being. At Primary Care Joliet, we emphasize the importance of recognizing the signs of low iron and the value of routine blood work in detecting and addressing this condition. With convenient on-site lab testing available at our clinics… Continue reading


Understanding the Flu Shot and Why It Changes Every Year

outdoor portrait of happy young man wearing scarf and smiling at camera

As we approach another flu season, many patients at Primary Care Joliet ask a common question: Why does the flu vaccine change every year? Understanding this aspect of the influenza virus and the vaccine’s development is crucial in appreciating the importance of getting your annual flu shot. In this blog, we’ll delve into the facts… Continue reading


Is Your Thyroid Causing Your Weight Gain?

lovely blonde woman shows she is grateful

One of the most perplexing health challenges for many individuals is unexplained weight gain. Despite maintaining a consistent diet and exercise routine, the numbers on the scale creep upwards. If you’ve found yourself in this frustrating scenario, it’s crucial to consider all potential underlying causes. One often-overlooked factor? Your thyroid. At Primary Care Joliet, we’re… Continue reading


How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes

blonde haired woman with beautiful green eyes

Living with diabetes requires vigilance and understanding of the various ways it can impact your body. One of the critical, yet often overlooked, areas of concern is our vision. Diabetes can lead to several eye-related issues that, if not detected and treated in time, could result in severe vision complications. Our dedicated team at Primary… Continue reading


5 Signs You Need to Get Your Bones Checked

cheerful mature couple in love

When it comes to health, bones are the unsung heroes supporting our every move. Yet, as pivotal as they are, bone health often takes a backseat in routine health discussions. At Primary Care Joliet, we believe in the holistic care of our patients, and that includes the health of their skeletal system. If you’ve ever… Continue reading


Why Do Women Need Calcium?

smiling mature blonde woman

At Primary Care Joliet, we value women’s health. In doing so, we value the chance to educate women about the minerals they need to feel their best. One of the most essential minerals for females in every stage of life is calcium. Let’s explore the benefits of calcium and how it supports various aspects of… Continue reading


Why Choose Urgent Care at Primary Care Joliet Over a Hospital ER?

older woman resting seated on coach

Every day, individuals and families face sudden health concerns, be it a severe ankle sprain from a misstep or a persistent ear infection in a toddler. When these medical urgencies arise, the immediate thought often is to rush to the nearest hospital’s Emergency Room (ER). However, there’s an alternative that could be more convenient and… Continue reading


What Are the Benefits of Corticosteroid Injections?

woman with hip pain

Corticosteroid injections, often called cortisone shots, contain a synthetic form of a corticosteroid hormone produced in the body. Cortisone is released to control autoimmune responses that cause reactions such as inflammation and swelling. Corticosteroid injections are used for many medical purposes, from diagnosis of certain diseases or conditions to relief from pain and other issues,… Continue reading


Who Needs a Bone Density Screening?

mature woman with a beautiful smile

It is easy to assume your bones are strong and healthy, as they have served you well for most of your life. However, some diseases, genetic conditions, nutritional concerns and other factors can change the density and strength of your bones. Bone density screening is a test that looks at your bone health, which can… Continue reading


What Should I Expect During a Women’s Wellness Exam?

female hips covered with white material

Preventive health care is important for everyone. The goal is to visit your doctor for regular checkups to ensure you remain healthy versus waiting to get sick to seek medical care. For women, gender-specific health concerns should be monitored during routine checkups, often called an annual, well-woman or women’s wellness exams. Do you know how… Continue reading

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