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Echocardiogram/Heart Ultrasound

Heart health is a vital part of overall wellness. For those with cardiovascular disease, monitoring heart health is part of their treatment and wellness plan. One of the many tests that may be used to diagnose and monitor different types of heart conditions is an echocardiogram or heart ultrasound, also called an echo test. At Primary Care Joliet, we perform heart ultrasounds at our medical centers in Joliet and Wilmington, IL.

What Does an Echo Test Diagnose?

There are different types of echocardiogram procedures, but the standard echo test is a non-invasive procedure to take images of the heart. Sound waves are used to capture pictures of the heart using an external device. This test can also reveal blood flow through the heart and the heart valves. This is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that can show how well the heart is functioning and show the various structures within the heart. Some of the functions and conditions that can be indicated with the results of an echo test include:

  • Strength of pumping capabilities
  • Size and shape of the heart and heart walls
  • Tumors around the heart
  • Heart valve health and function
  • Stenosis or regurgitation in the heart valves
  • Holes in the heart chambers
  • Blood clots
  • Outer lining health
  • Large blood vessel health

Heart ultrasounds can provide a plethora of information on heart health. The external echo test is not invasive and can be used as part of a cardiovascular treatment and monitoring plan. If a more in-depth view is needed, an internal echocardiogram called a TEE may be recommended.

What to Expect

If an echo test is recommended as part of your heart health and wellness plan, it can be performed at our clinic. The test is not painful, and it takes less than an hour to perform. An EKG is usually performed with the echocardiogram to monitor the electrical activity while the sound waves are used to take video imaging of your heart’s structure and function.

Our medical team at Primary Care Joliet offers all-encompassing health care for our patients, including advanced diagnostic tools such as heart ultrasound tests. If you are looking for a primary care medical center in the Wilmington or Joliet, IL, area, contact us to schedule your first visit.

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