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Joint Aspiration

When fluid collects within a joint in the body, it can cause pain and pressure. The swelling can restrict movement and put pressure on nerves and other tissues. If you have a swollen joint, it may be recommended to undergo a procedure called arthrocentesis. At Primary Care Joliet, we provide joint aspiration treatments at our medical centers in Joliet or Wilmington, IL.

What is Arthrocentesis?

Arthrocentesis, or joint aspiration, is a procedure that removes excess fluid around joints. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia – the joint is numbed with a local injection before the procedure begins. A syringe with a thin needle is inserted into the joint to suction out fluid. This can relieve pressure on the joint to decrease pain and improve mobility. In some cases, the fluid may be sent to a laboratory for testing to diagnose a joint condition. Arthrocentesis is commonly performed on knee joints, but it can also be used on swollen hip, wrist, elbow or ankle joints.

When is Joint Aspiration Recommended?

There are a few different conditions that can cause swelling around the joints. Certain types of arthritis can result in swollen joints, including rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Bursitis is another common condition that can result in excessive fluid surrounding the joint due to an inflamed bursa. Joint aspiration can remove the offending fluid and may be used to determine the cause of swelling in the joint.

Joint aspiration can help relieve joint pain, but it may also be combined with joint injections. Once the fluid is removed, a joint injection may be recommended to reduce inflammation. Patients can expect some pain and tenderness once the local anesthesia wears off from the aspiration and other injections. It can take a few days for relief to occur from the removed fluid and any subsequent injections for arthritis or bursitis.

If you have swollen, painful joints, you may be a candidate for arthrocentesis. To learn more about joint pain relief treatments, including joint aspirations, contact our team at Primary Care Joliet. We can book your appointment to see one of our arthrocentesis doctors. Call our medical center in Joliet or Wilmington, IL, to schedule your joint pain consultation.

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