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Sports Physicals

If your child is signing up to play soccer this year or planning to attend summer camp, you may need to schedule a physical before they can participate. Most children and teens will need proof of good health before they can join a sports team or certain organizations, and even adults participating in sports may need to be cleared before joining a team. Sports physicals are an opportunity to perform a wellness exam and ensure your child is healthy. Primary Care Joliet performs sport physicals for children, teens and adults at our clinics in Joliet and Wilmington, IL.

Physicals are required for sports and other activities to ensure that the person is healthy enough to participate. There are certain health conditions or physical limitations that may increase risks of serious injuries. A thorough physical is designed to protect the individual from injury, but it is also a way that organizations can protect themselves from liability. Requiring a sports physical can identify health issues that could be exacerbated during physical activity, such as heart/lung problems or other medical conditions.

Pre-Participation Physical Examination (PPE)

During a sports physical or pre-participation physical exam (PPE), a thorough wellness exam is performed. This will include collecting all medical history and current medications for the individual. A visual and physical examination will be performed to check vision, hearing, reflexes, lung function, heart rate and vital signs. Depending on the requirements for the organization, vaccinations may be needed, which can be completed during the PPE.

If there are any physical or medical concerns that could impact participating in sports or other activities, they may be noted on the clearance form. This does not necessarily mean the patient cannot participate, but there may be restrictions. For example, if they need glasses or have asthma, they may need to have corrective glasses or an inhaler before they can participate in a sport or activity.

At Primary Care Joliet, we have a wonderful team of medical professionals that can perform all types of wellness exams and physicals. To schedule a sports physical for you or your child, call one of our clinics in Joliet or Wilmington, IL, to book your appointment.

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