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Medication Management

Many people take multiple medications every day that are designed to help them improve their health. It can be confusing to keep track of which medications should be taken with food or at certain times of day, and some people are unaware of what each drug does. Medication management is a service we provide at Primary Care Joliet that can ensure our patients are educated on their medications and have the right prescriptions, dosages and daily plan to get the most from their treatment.

Medication management involves evaluating the medications each patient is taking. This includes helping patients create a schedule for taking their medications and a reminder system to ensure they get the right meds at the right times. This can include recommending a pill dispenser that helps keep track of which pills they take each day. Our medical team reviews the different medications used and how they may interact with each other. Medication management also is used to determine which medications may be causing undesirable side effects or are not producing results.

Why is Medication Management Important?

Many patients receive prescriptions without understanding how the medication works or what it is designed to do. This can result in them taking the medication incorrectly or not realizing that it is not working. Medication management is meant to educate patients on their medications and show them how to be proactive in managing their own treatment. Some of the benefits of medication management include:

  • Ensuring the best treatment outcomes from medications
  • Reduced poor side effects
  • Reducing costs of treatment by eliminating medications that are ineffective
  • Safety precautions against overdosing
  • Improving effectiveness of medications

When patients are more involved in their treatment and understand the best way to take their medications, they can obtain better health. Our personalized approach to primary care is what has differentiated PCJ clinics from many other health care providers.

If you are looking for a primary care provider that offers personalized treatment plans and medication management services, come join us at PCJ. Call the medical center near you in Joliet or Wilmington, IL, to schedule your next appointment.

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