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Wellness Physicals

The best way to monitor your health is with preventive medical care. Instead of waiting for an illness to visit your primary care provider, it is important to be proactive to promote good health. Wellness exams or physicals should be performed at least once a year for kids, teens and adults. At Primary Care Joliet, we perform wellness physicals at our medical centers in Wilmington and Joliet, IL.

Wellness physicals are different from wellness exams or assessments. Physicals of all types involve assessing your physical well-being, while a health exam or assessment may address other aspects of your overall health. Everyone should have a wellness physical once a year with their primary care provider, which can document changes in physical health.

Wellness physicals need to be performed in person. This is not a checkup that can be performed virtually as the provider must physically examine the patient. The physical exam is meant to identify any signs of illness or health conditions that may require treatment. It is also a chance to collect vital health data and history to proactively protect the patient’s health.

Annual Wellness Physical Exams

During annual wellness physicals, a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner performs a full examination and collects medical data. Medical history is collected, as well as weight, height and vital signs. Patients are evaluated for certain health risk factors, such as high body mass index (BMI), lifestyle (smoking, alcohol use) and family medical history. The provider will also physically examine the head, neck, abdomen and other areas to identify any possible health concerns.

Annual physicals are a great way to stay on top of your health and wellness. It can be combined with a wellness exam, which may cover additional health concerns. Wellness exams may include lab testing and screenings which are not typically performed in a wellness physical.

If it has been over a year since your last wellness physical, come see our team at Primary Care Joliet. We offer convenient appointments for all types of physicals, including sports, school, work and wellness physicals. Call the medical center nearest you in Joliet or Wilmington, IL, to schedule your appointment for a wellness physical.

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