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What Are the Benefits of Corticosteroid Injections?

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Corticosteroid injections, often called cortisone shots, contain a synthetic form of a corticosteroid hormone produced in the body. Cortisone is released to control autoimmune responses that cause reactions such as inflammation and swelling. Corticosteroid injections are used for many medical purposes, from diagnosis of certain diseases or conditions to relief from pain and other issues, and require little to no downtime. Here are some of the uses and benefits of cortisone shots.

Diagnosis Purposes

Some pain conditions are difficult to diagnose and determine the exact cause of the pain, especially in the spine, neck and back. Steroid injections usually contain both cortisone and a local anesthetic, which can help determine if the injection is in the right place. If the local anesthetic numbs the nerves causing pain, it can help doctors determine the source of pain and the best treatment. The steroid can then relieve inflammation that may be aggravating the same nerves.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

One of the most common uses of corticosteroid shots is for joint inflammation and pain, usually from arthritis but also conditions like bursitis. The steroid injections can be placed inside the joint to help relieve inflammation or near an inflamed bursa. Steroid shots may give immediate relief due to the local anesthetic, but this will wear off in a few hours. The effects of the cortisone will take a few days to be noticeable, but these shots can offer relief for a few to several months or more.

Muscle and Soft Tissue Inflammation

Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries or inflammatory conditions can benefit from steroid shots. A cortisone shot can relieve muscle spasms, tendonitis, ligament sprains, plantar fasciitis, and many other soft tissue conditions.

You may benefit from a cortisone shot if you have pain in your neck, back, joints or soft tissues. To get relief from your pain, come see us at Primary Care Joliet. Call one of our locations in Wilmington or Joliet, IL, to schedule an appointment. We offer steroid injections at all our clinics.

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