About PCJ

Primary Care Joliet was founded in December of 1989. The clinic started as a single physician medical practice in a 2 room office located inside a strip mall. The focus from the beginning was on communication and quality patient care. As the years and relationships between doctor and patient developed, Primary Care Joliet became more ingrained in the community and its reputation began to speak for itself. With its success, the clinic continued to expand and touch more lives in the Joliet area.

Now, PCJ has transformed into a 12 provider team located in 3 clinics within Will County. With walk-ins, same day appointments, weekend and evening hours, PCJ is more capable than ever of positively affecting the lives of individuals in Will County and its communities. With the many changes now and upcoming in healthcare, we promise to be by your side by participating in all insurance plans and the insurance exchange. And through it all, although we have grown in size and reputation, our mission now and always is to remain your trusted partner when it comes to your health and well-being.