Paperless Office

Early Integration of Electronic Medical Records

At Primary Care Joliet, we have always embraced changing technologies. Having incorporated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) into the practice since 2000, PCJ has showed a willingness to adapt to the ever growing technological advances. Because of our longevity and familiarity, our providers are well-versed in using our EMR to manage your health in an efficient manner. That means more time face to face with our physicians and less time writing prescriptions, sorting through old records, and ordering tests.

We have moved beyond simply writing electronic notes. At PCJ, we have interfaced our EMR with our diagnostic tests, which means we can order x-rays, labs, and other tests, and when the results are ready, they can immediately be viewed by our physicians and the results communicated to you.

Digital Imaging

With recent transition to digital imaging, including x-rays and mammograms, we make getting results to you, the patient, even more efficient. Because many of the diagnostic tests that we order can be done within the clinic, we save you the time and money of travelling to different sites to get your tests done. And because these tests are digital, the information is sent electronically to be interpreted by the associated radiologist. This allows a more streamlined way of diagnosing your ailments, with cheaper cost to you.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal brings the future of healthcare to your hands. Now, by signing up with a valid email address, you can have access like never before. You can receive an interpretation of labs as soon as the physician sees them. You can also see what screening tests and vaccines you are due for, and even send medication refill requests! In addition, check in early on the day of your appointment, and you can have your insurance verified before you even arrive, allowing you to skip the line and see the doctor more quickly. Please call or talk to our front desk to take advantage of all the features the patient portal has to offer.

Access Your Records

Patient Portal